Grow Odessa – New Name for OIDC Adopted

(Odessa, TX) – The board of directors of the Odessa Industrial Development Corp. (OIDC) has voted to adopt the name Grow Odessa as part of the organization’s goal to be the preeminent nonprofit group dedicated to fostering economic development in the community. The action was taken in an effort by the organization to distinguish itself from the tax-supported Odessa Development Corporation (ODC) and to better identify with its mission as “a non-profit organization dedicated to Odessa’s economic development and growth.” “We believe that adopting the new name will help the citizens of Odessa better understand just who we are,” explained Toby Eoff, president of Grow Odessa’s board of directors. “We are a group of private citizens and businesses dedicated to using our time and treasure to make Odessa a better place for all.” Grow Odessa has operated for more than four decades in Odessa, paving the way for the future development of the industrial sector by purchasing and developing land with private funds for sale to businesses such as Family Dollar and Coca-Cola. All proceeds from these ventures stay in the non-profit and are used for further development of properties for businesses. “The board of Grow Odessa is made up of community volunteers who are committed to seeing Odessa grow and become a better city,” Eoff said. “The organization has frequently given scholarships to the University of Texas of the Permian Basin and Odessa College in an effort to help develop the next level of business leaders for the community. “This is a great group of community volunteers.” Eoff said fruits of the group’s labor can be seen along I-20, where hotels and businesses have been developed through the years because of infrastructure put in place by the organization. As part of the board decision, the organization will still retain the legal name of the Odessa Industrial Development Corp., but will use Grow Odessa in all of its future marketing undertakings.